Michael A. Pesola was born in 1957, the second oldest of twelve children. He moved to California in 1973.

He is a second-generation general contractor, currently doing business in northern California. He and his brothers, Paul and Dom, run Bedrock Construction in Davis, and have just celebrated their 20th year in business. 

Michael completed his bachelor of business degree at National University. He successfully completed an Institute of Children's Literature course and was published in Highlights for Children. He has also written The Bedrock Guide to Remodeling Success, a book that prepares customers for the remodel process.

Books by Michael Pesola:

Tales from the Job Site, A Frustrated Contractor Confesses.

(Hilarious encounters on remodel jobs between

homeowners, contractors, and sub-contractors

seen through the eyes of a second generation contractor

who learned the business from his father.)

Learn about the trials and tribulations of a remodel contractor.

If it seems like there is a remodel project going on on every block in your neighborhood, you are probably not seeing things. Remodeling revenue has been steadily going up every year and in some cases outpacing new home construction. If you have a good location it may make more sense to improve what you already have. Why buy when you can have a dream home and a dream location?

Everyone has a remodel story to share or knows someone who is going through the process of a remodel. Every third TV channel has a show about remodels. Everyone has an opinion about a remodel, especially if it is not their own. This can lead to all sorts of interesting stories, conflicts, and yes, even success stories.

The top five comments on a remodel site:

1. The check is in the mail.

2. Honey, should we get a mailbox for the contractor so he can start getting his mail here?

3. I didn't know I had to pay for all these change orders.

4. My neighbor said my granite does not go with my new cherry cabinets. (Holy cow!!!!!!)

5. You know you have had enough when your 83 year old male customer walks around the house naked in front of you and all your employees... and gravity has done a thorough job.

Michael Pesola is a second generation contractor who has been in the remodeling business for over 25 years. His business is based in Davis which he runs with his two brothers, Dom and Paul. Mike was first published in Highlights for Children and he published a previous book which was featured on Good Day Sacramento titled, The Bedrock Guide to Remodeling Success.

The Sacramento Bee, Sacramento News and Review and Davis Enterprise have both printed favorable reviews of the book. One of Pesola’s customers recently wrote:

Your book has kept me in stitches; brilliant!"

Customer feedback has also been excellent. The book now sells at Avid Reader in Sacramento, at Davis Hardware in Davis, and may soon be selling at The Sacramento Airport, along with on-line sites like amazon.com and publishamerica.com.

Call to arrange an interview with Mike Pesola at 916-417-6087 or e-mail him at

michael@bedrock.net. His address is 3035 Anza Ave. Davis, CA 95616 

Tales from the Job Site is available for $12.99 each, pay by check or PayPal.

For businesses looking for multiple copies, the price is $11 each or contact Publish America for wholesale pricing.

ISBN 142-4Y15-7870 
Buy this book online at Publish America (support@publishamerica.com) or call (301) 695-1707 to order.You can also e-mail Rebecca at rebeccai@publishamerica.com.
The Bedrock Guide to Remodeling Success

This consumer "How To" publication was commenced by Mike over a decade ago as a checklist for him, the contractor, in doing remodel projects. In fact, the informational database for the manuscript has been learned over the thirty years work experience which Mike began by his father's side as a teenager. Likewise, Mike gives credit to his father for his value system relating to honesty, integrity, and forthrightness. Bedrock Construction Supervisor

Bedrock guide to remodel success

This manuscript fills a significant need for the property owner who is planning a remodel, expansion, or other construction work. It provides clear and concise explanation for how to plan, contract, and complete such projects. It provides step-by-step instructions which if followed will result in a pleasant stress-free project completion. Both owner and contractor benefit from the clear program definition in advance.

This manual is a guidebook. It points the way to success, warns of possible dangers along the way, and gives one the knowledge to avoid most pitfalls. It's most useful if read before starting the project,... Contact us or check your local hardware store for your copy. Here's to your success. Cheers!

The Bedrock Guide To Remodeling Success
Can be purchased for $12.99 directly  by check or PayPal

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